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Jordan + Austin | A June Wedding

So it's obvious that this wedding was beyond gorgeous and so was everyone involved, but this wedding was so much more than that. From the get go it was all about family, friends and true moments of love and celebration between all of them, a very tight knit group from the midwest.

That morning, Jordan gave all her bridesmaids, her family, even the groomsmen heartfelt gifts and cards, that moved almost everyone to tears ( including myself! I couldn't take it! ) Truly a bride that exudes beauty on the inside and the outside and cares about everyone around her. Both Jordan and Austin do! Seriously one of the nicest, most generous, loving couples I've met. It's so touching to watch the way Austin looks at Jordan. The love and respect he has for her is so moving and something so many look for in a partner. They are both extremely blessed to have found each other. 

This wedding was full of love, laughter and tears. I hope it shows in this set.