B l o g


Ringing in the new year tonight and taking a look back at a few of my favorite shots from this year. I couldn't possibly publish all of them, this post would go on forever. In my personal life there have been some ups and downs of course, but I feel that photography once again has given me the wonderful joy that keeps me coming back for more. As I move onto a new year and a whole new variety of clients and possibilities, I plan on changing quite a few things and learning to only take in a select few wedding clients. I want to travel more, much more. Take more time to shoot for myself and get those creative juices flowing. HOPEFULLY move to a new city. Meet more creatives. The list of resolutions goes on...

This year however has been a fairly good one. My daughter and I went camping for the first time and it has become something we plan to do often. I got to visit my good friend and his new wife in Utah and explore the area while taking some of my favorite engagement pictures. This year is the first year I had the opportunity to be a videographer, which I hope is not the last. Made trips to Colorado, Texas and Arkansas. Was published in the Show Me Magazine, and have had photographs appear on the Varily website. All in all life has been pretty good to me, so here is to the new year. I hope you enjoy these!