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Michael + Kelsie || Wedding Trailer

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has been having as much fun during this Labor Day weekend as I have. During my time in Colorado, I played the role of videographer which was actually a really fun change of pace from my usual photographer title. I did have withdrawals though, and snagged a few still frames which I will share at a later date. Anyhow, I thought I would share this "trailer" for the video that hopefully won't take me too long to make. I've never done a video in my life, so this was mainly for practice. Please be kind as I am a newbie!

Michael is a dear friend of mine from college so when he wanted to hire me as a videographer, I was up for the challenge. Kelsie is the sweetest girl and so easy to get along with, and I am so happy that they found each other! Their engagement pictures where displayed everywhere and they looked beautiful. The wedding was amazing, and I think we all just had a great time celebrating love in the mountains. 

I really hope you all enjoy!